Since health is a natural state, why is it so hard to achieve?  Why does it cost so much to get medical treatments?  Why do we remain sick after the treatment?  Furthermore, why are natural treatments so rarely used and so difficult to find? And why are those who attempt to provide natural treatments hounded by regulating agencies?  In an attempt to answer these questions, we examined the aspects of “health care” which are not about care but disease management.


         Drug companies, food processors, advertisers, insurance companies, governments, doctors and citizens are all involved.  Their most basic goals, preoccupations, and preconceptions keep truths about health from being sought, discovered, organized, widely our drug-oriented medical system continues to undermine our faith in God, natural living, natural healing and ourselves.  Disseminated, accepted and applied.         


 Effective natural methods (non-orthodox as they are called by the medical establishment) of health care are difficult to obtain in the United States.  For some natural treatments, patients must leave the country, creating further obstacles to achieving health.  Citizens always want health, but generally subvert their wishes to the political agenda of the day, even when that agenda results in chaos, war, poverty and other factors that lead to disease.       


Past government involvement in so-called health care focused only on the important areas of hygiene, water treatment, sewage disposal and food inspection.  Beyond that, involvement has been limited mainly to carrying out the wishes of those who market high-tech disease management and crisis intervention products and services for profit.  Vested interests reflect social values.  Security, control, status, power and wealth all rate higher than health care in our society at the present time.  This hierarchy will change only when individuals and organizations put health higher on society’s agenda. 


Business interests that work against clean environment, and therefore against clean food, water, and air include all industries that deplete, exploit, and pollute natural environments in order to make money.  The bottom line is business tends to take a heavy toll on nature.  When the economy improves, the environment gets polluted; when the environment is treated with respect, the economy suffers.  Those who profit from the destruction of nature and of life put us all at peril.  We must come to understand and embody the simple fact that, in the long term, life and nature are our only assets.  Health results when we respect and align ourselves with both. 


Decisions made a generation ago to use artificial fertilizers and intensive farming methods that take more from soils than they give back are coming home to roost.  They produce poor soils, poor foods, and poor health.  Pesticides meant to decrease crops lost to pests are failing.  Crops lost to pests averaged 6% per year after pesticide use.  The pesticides eliminated some pests but destroyed their natural predators.   The natural balance of nature was altered.  Certain predators prey on the insects that destroy crops.  When the pesticides were introduced, the predators fed on the insects that had been sprayed and died.  When the insects developed their resistance to the pesticides it was business as usual.  As a result, there were no more predators to feed on the insects so they eventually destroyed the crops.  Concomitantly, crops absorb the chemicals from the pesticides (which are carcinogenic) and are fed to humans for consumption.  Sustainable farming methods must fit natural cycles, make use of natural predators for pest control, and maintain fertile, mineral rich soils including soil bacteria and earthworms. 


Special interests also mediate against health care more directly.  The economic interests of professional disease management (drug, radiation, surgery and high-tech oriented medical practice) are strongly biased against instituting true health care.  Accordingly, “disease” seems to yield better profit margins from a business standpoint.  Medical doctors get paid for treating, not for curing diseases.  If doctors were paid only for keeping people healthier and lost their income when their patients got sick, the entire health care industry would completely change its approach to prevent loss of profits and also loss of its self-respect.   


High-tech medicine as presently practiced is not viable for the society that uses it. Treatment costs have increased while levels of health have deteriorated.  That’s bad investment.  For $900 billion each year in expenditures, people should expect and actually receive better positive health care results than they are currently receiving. 


Giant food processing companies also have vested interests that mediate against health care.  Whole foods are relatively cheap.  To increase profits, food processors change them into “value added” products, because more can be charged for foods that have been changed by processing technology.  Processing has little to do with health, but much to do with convenience and profit.  From the point of view of health, processed products have no value since processing removes and/or destroy nutrients and increases toxins.  These food-processing companies have played substantial political roles since the early 1900’s by blocking evidence about food laws that reflect the findings of science on the requirements of health.  Such food laws would expose many processed products as being nutritionally deficient and a destroyer of health.

In private conservations, some researchers claim that the large oil industry conspire to keep negative information about fats, oils, and health from the public in order to profit from the sale of health-destroying products.  They claim the industry does not want to make the necessary costly changes in equipment, engineering and methods that would be required to address new information about human health.  Health conscious methods would require greater care and would render many of the industry’s present methods obsolete.  Giant oil, food, drug and medical industries are engaged in the pursuit of money.  For them health care seems to be a secondary concern.  Consequently, the blindly trusting consumer suffers the effects with compromised health due to the industry’s lackadaisical attitude surrounding health care. 


In the mid 1970’s, President James E. Carter signed a Rockefeller document called the “Global 2000 Report”.  The basic intent of this report was to reduce the American population to 45% of its current level.  This agenda is very much in affect through immune-destroying vaccines, chemtrails (barium spraying from military airplanes on unsuspecting cities throughout America), and genetically engineered foods.  The media feeds us constantly with threats of a WWIII, but they fail to mention is that WWIII has already started.  People in general are waiting for the big war, but that’s not the way it is happening for the moment.             


            This third world war is foremost a quiet war with no classic weapons, but nevertheless it is not less devastating.  This is a war of silent mind control and the implanting of viruses and other lethal diseases upon the population, mostly with the help from vaccines, environmental toxins, and genetically modified foods.   Horrible enough, the power Elite defense establishment has initiated the genocide of millions of Americans with the contamination of polio viruses that has seeded the entire baby boom generation with cancer viruses.  As “age” takes its toll and our immune systems can no longer keep these laboratory-created viruses in check, these “biological time bombs” will begin to activate, with one out of three “boomers” developing cancer. 


            Indeed, one of the first things President “Slick” Willy Clinton did after the election was to follow the direct orders from David Rockefeller to take over (socialize) 1/5 of the economy-the health care system-that the Rockefeller’s oligarchy monopolizes.  Deep studies show that 98% of what we call “health care” is in fact disease care. 


In the dark ages we had a society in which “witches” (mostly females) were burnt at the stakes for practicing alternative treatments in the form of herbs and old wisdom.  Today the “witches” still exist, but now they call themselves homeopaths, naturopaths and practitioners of alternative medicine.  Yet they are still as drastically hunted as they were in the dark ages.  Why?  It is in these areas that the real cures can be found.  If you think like Rockefeller you realize that these “witches” are some of his worst enemies, because they halt the genocide of the world population.  By giving poisoned vaccines and vaccines that will decrease our immune system, people get sick and die before their time.  When people get sick, they go to the doctor who in return, gives them chemical drugs from the Rockefeller-owned drug companies, which will eventually hammer the last nail into their coffins.  With this in mind, one can clearly understand why natural holistic medicine is ridiculed, legislated against and hunted wherever it shows up. 


            Strange as it may sound, when John D. Rockefeller was actively destroying nature-based medicine in America and setting up Hitler to enforce his I.G Farben cartel agreements throughout Europe, he himself had a naturopathic and homeopathic doctor keeping him alive well into his late 90’s.  Go figure. People please wake up and start taking an active role in your own health.  The MediSins will be waiting for you if you do not take heed.    












































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